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Rajya Sabha
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Right to Information Act, 2005 PDF Version / htm Version
Information booklet under Right to Information Act, 2005
Guide on the Right to Information, 2005  
[Appointment of Central Public Information Officer (2015). ] (pdf Size:.12 KB)
[Appointment of Central Public Information Officer (2010). ] (pdf Size:8.43 KB)
[Appointment of Appellate Authority (2010). (pdf Size:8.44 KB)]
[Appointment of Central Public Information Officer. (2012). ] (pdf Size:8.58 KB)
[Appointment of Appellate Authority (2013)· ] (pdf Size:8.67 KB)
[Appointment of Central Assistant Public Information Officer (2013) (pdf Size:8.63 KB)
[Appointment of Central Public Information Officer (2014) (pdf Size:6.10 KB)
- [Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost) Rules, 2005 ](pdf Size:1.74 KB)
- Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost) Amendment Rules, 2006 (pdf Size:112 KB)]

Statements under Section 25(3) of the RTI Act, 2005

2005 (pdf Size:41.3 KB)
2006 (pdf Size:41.9 KB)
2007 (pdf Size:41.2
2008 (pdf Size:58.3 KB)
2009 (pdf Size:56.4 KB)
2010 (pdf Size:12.4 KB)
2011 (pdf Size:10.2 KB)
2012 (pdf Size:19.3 KB)
2013 (pdf Size:156 KB) 2014
(pdf Size:142 KB)
(pdf Size:37.1 KB)
(pdf Size:
Status of RTI Application/Appeal

Shri Arun Sharma ,
Director (Q) & CPIO

Room No. 125, First Floor, Parliament House Annexe,
New Delhi - 110 001.
Tel No. 011- 23034018
, 23793243
Residence No.011-24613225

Shri Ravinder Kumar, Joint Director (Trg.)
(Central Assistant Public Information Officer)
Room No.540, 5th floor, Parliament House Annexe.
Tel No. : 011-23035187 (O)
011-27554054 (R)

Shri K.P. Singh,
Joint Secretary (HRD)
(Appellate Authority in the Rajya Sabha Secretariat)
515, Parliament House Annexe
Residence No.011-46061961
011-23011245 (telefax)
Tel No. 011-23034056,23792852 & Fax No.23793563

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